We offer 2-week or 4-week courses of Spanish for foreigners from 12 to 17 years of age. And from 17 and older.

It’s an intensive course of Spanish in a language school where all the teachers are bilingual.

We have:
Greek-Spanish teachers,
French-Spanish teachers,
Chinese-Spanish teachers,
English- Spanish teachers,
German-Spanish teachers,
Georgian- Spanish teachers,


The course is 3 hours in the morning from 9.00 to 12.00

Teaching sessions are all in Spanish by Spanish teachers with the big advantage that your questions will be listened to by a teacher who is able to explain or clarify your doubts in your own tongue. 

The school is located in a remarkable place, full of parks and green areas around us.

Lunch is at 1pm and it can be taken in one of our two fantastic local food restaurants:

“De Simon” or “Mesón Lara”. Two streets away or just next to our school respectively

Accommodation is available

in a hostel two streets from the school where you can also have delicious Spanish breakfast included.

The school also offers activities in the afternoon and an all-day visit

to “Atapuerca” an archaeological site, a visit to the Human Evolution Museum, a ride in a boat through “El Canal de Castilla”, the cathedral and other emblematic places.

2- weeks programme includes:

  • Reservations for coach ride from Madrid Airport to Burgos. (We only make the reservations for you, we will only buy the ticket after receipt of bank transfer.)
  • Degree by Red Castle School
  • Placement test
  • T-shirt, cap and backpack
  • Book and materials
  • 3 hour course from 9am to 12pm
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Stay in a hostel sharing room with a person of a different nationality, single room possible by 22€ a day more
  • 2 afternoons excursions on Saturdays
  • All tickets included for the activities and cultural visits
  • Arrivals Sunday and departures Saturday

For further information, please contact us at